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Tournament Fisherman: Lanier Striper Club & Lanier Crappie Anglers Club
Dan Saknini: Living the fishing life
By Pamela A. Keene

Back in the day, Dan Saknini often drove to Lake Lanier from his home in Tucker just to fish.
Then he and his wife Pam bought a houseboat and their family spent weekends on the lake,
boating, swimming and fishing, essentially falling in love with Lake Lanier.

Eventually, they bought a weekend place on the south side of the lake. In 2010, the couple
decided to make their weekend house their permanent home. “We count living on Lake Lanier one
of life’s great blessings, being able to share the beauty and bounty of the lake with friends and

He’s a go-getter kind of guy who started out flipping houses early in his career, eventually
turning the business into new residential building. “When the economy dropped in 2008, new
construction stopped,” he said, “so I channeled my energy back to flipping houses and also
became a commercial real estate investor. But my passion has always been fishing.”

Saknini continued to fish every chance he had, joining the Lanier Striper Club. Soon he was
tapped as an officer, eventually serving as president in 2008-09. That year the club started
its FunFest fishing tournament, bringing the first ever virtual weigh-in technology to freshwater
open tournament fishing. Saknini and fellow club member Steve Sitton with AT&T incorporated
on-the-water measuring with photos transmitted to the judges. That way, the event was truly a
catch-and-release competition.

By 2011, Saknini had branched out from striper fishing to angling for crappie. “I’m a multi-
species fisherman,” he said. So he started the Lanier Crappie Angler’s Club. The 88-member
club meets at Hammonds Fishing Center the last Thursday of each month, and welcomes visitors
and new members. Of course, Saknini has served as president. Joanna Cloud, executive director
of the Lake Lanier Association, and her husband Glenn are fellow club members.

Last winter, when Cloud was planning the association’s annual meeting, somehow the topic of a
fish fry came up as a hook to bring more members to the event. After talking with club
members, it was set; the club would provide fresh-caught crappie for the annual meeting.

“We caught, cleaned, filleted and fried about 1,000 fish, providing enough fillets to feed 400
members and guests of the Lake Lanier Association,” he said. “The meal included home-made
Martha White cornmeal hush-puppies also provided by the club, and all the trimmings. We had
a great time.”

Saknini fishes as often as he can and he’s branched out to salt-water angling, recently joining
the Atlanta Salt Water Club. He regularly travels to Apalachicola, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and
Charleston on a quest for snapper, flounder, grouper and red fish.

He’s also got a recent distraction to keep him busy – twin year-old grandchildren, Addie and
Tucker, who live in Nashville. “We call them the teeny Saknini’s and they’re just awesome,” he
said. “Grandchildren, they’ll change your life. I’m gone, hook, line and sinker. I can’t wait until
they’re old enough to take them fishing.”

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A Crappie Day On Lake Lanier

Across the southeast, the water temp's are dropping on our major lakes and reservoirs.  And that means it's time to break out the super light rods and fill a bucket with some of the tastiest treats you will ever eat...crappie.

This time of year, crappie are congregating on open water structure.  Once you locate the brush piles, tree tops or man-made fish attractors, you can usually start hauling in some real slabs. 

Last week, Buck and I had the pleasure to fish with Dan Saknini, a Lake Lanier crappie aficionado.  Dan has spent years targeting them on lakes across the southeast, and he has a sixth sense about where to find them under a variety of conditions.   We started off under cloudy skies fishing a few docks, and caught a few...but not in the numbers Dan was accustomed to catching.  So we moved out to open water and found the brush piles that Dan knew held fish. 

Using his Lowrance DownScan, it was easy to see fish around the structure; in this case a downed tree.  Sometimes the fish would be hanging in the midst of the tree branches, and other times you would see them stacked up just beside the tree.  In every case, we also saw a lot of bait nearby.   When we found structure that looked promising, it was a matter of dropping a marker and casting a jig. 


We used Bobby Garland Mo' Glo tails on a 1/24th oz Davis jig with 2 lb class line.   The technique was to pitch the jig just beyond the marker, let it sink and begin a slow retrieve with slight twitches to impart a little action. Then hang on.  Usually, we caught a fish on the first cast.

This time of year, you could catch a dozen or more fish on each brush pile.  And yes, to insure your day will be as productive as ours, there are a few things you should consider before heading out on the water.

1.  Re-spool with new line.   If the line on your reel is more than a couple months old...change it.   You're casting really light line with really light jigs.  Mono will develop a memory, especially on the smaller reels you will be using for this kind of fishing.  And that memory translates into coils.  It's like casting a slinky.  Fresh line gives you longer, more accurate casts.

2.  Keep your tackle light.   A 6 to 7 rod with a lot of flex that's rated for 2 to 4 lb line is all you need.   The flex lets you set the hook but not tear the hook from the fish's mouth.  Remember, a nick name for crappie is paper-mouth. 

3. In cold weather, slow down your presentation.  Fish are cold-blooded and they will slow down as the water cools.  The bite will be subtle, so stay in contact with your lure, and watch your line where it enters the water.  If the line does anything unusual, set the hook!

4. As with any sport, practice makes perfect.  Learn to cast these light jigs with accuracy in your yard.  And do your homework.  Locate some of the 'Fish Attractors' that have been placed on the lakes and fish those until you locate spots on your own.  The attractors are usually marked on Hot Spots Maps and they're imbedded on Navionics electronic charts with the Hot Spots feature.

Crappie fishing on a cold winter's day is a sure-fire way to satisfy your fishing appetite and put some really tasty filets on the table too.

So call up a buddy, load up the ultralights and go have a Great Crappie Day on a lake near you.   See you on the water!


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The Nuts & Bolts 2016 Spring Fling.

Destination: Apalachicola

It's time to start making your plans for the next Nuts & Bolts Fish 'N Fest.  And this May we will return to Apalachicola Florida and Bay City Lodge.


This year, we've scheduled the event a few weeks earlier in the spring, May 19th to May 22nd.  That's the weekend before Memorial Day.   Hopefully this will coincide with the cobia run as well as amberjack, grouper and maybe even snapper season.  Plus we should still have comfortable, spring-like weather for catching speckled trout, redfish and more!


Jimmy and Ella Mosconis will be our hosts again at Bay City Lodge, and we will have all our evening functions, including the freshest seafood at restaurant on the premises.


If you've never been to Bay City, you're in for a real treat.  All the amenities are right there including boat launch, docks, fuel, ice, bait, cleaning stations, and wonderful accommodations.  We will have their staff of professional guides for charter fishing.   And we will try to have an offshore trip on the Fishing Xpress in Port St. Joe on the agenda as well.


We're still working through the logistics and getting the website page loaded.   But you can go ahead and make your room reservations at Bay City Lodge now.  Give them a call during office hours of 7am - 5pm at 850-653-9294.  Online registration and sign up forms for nighttime events and charter fishing will be open right after the first of the year.


More info to come in future newsletters.



December 19th -   Planer Board Stripers

Learn how to make your small boat fish like a much larger boat using planer boards.  Capt. Mack Farr and Capt. Cefus McRae share their tips for catching striped bass in the southeast using live bait 'n boards.  And of course this trolling technique can be equally effective in saltwater areas too.  Catch 'em from the couch this Saturday and Sunday morning on FOX.


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